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Cebu Tourist Spots

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A Closer Look at a Cebu, Philippines Vacation


Tourism in Asia has increased a great deal, especially since the recent upturn in the economic conditions throughout the entire region. One country that has seen an upturn in its tourism industry is the Philippines, particularly on the island of Cebu. The Philippines is an archipelago nation made up of 167 different islands and islets situated in the Pacific tropics, south of the Asian mainland. Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Island, is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines and is, itself of great historical interest, especially to those tourists who are interested in Philippine history. When you are planning your Pacific vacation, taking some time to visit the island of Cebu is a great idea.


Cebu island and close by Mactan island are both unique tourist destinations because of the historical events that took place on these islands. Cebu island was one of the places where Magellan, the fabled European explorer, lived for a time when he was circumnavigating the globe, trying to establish colonies and trade relations with the king of Cebu. In combat on neighboring Mactan island Magellan died and his crew sailed back to Portugal unable to recover the explorer's body. Magellan's men carried with them stories of a beautiful ad rugged island country with a wealth of goods available for trade. Soon, the Spaniards, having heard news of the wonders of Cebu, began to colonize Cebu and the other Philippine islands, establishing settlements, churches and missionaries there that are still in existence today. You need a cebucation as much as possible.


Beyond the historical attractions of Cebu and the Philippines in general, these islands are filled with tropical wonders and are within easy boating distance to nearby islands like Mactan. Because of Cebu's central location and proximity to everything of in the Philippines, including the largest airport in the Philippines, finding accommodations on Cebu is the perfect idea for anyone planning to visit the Philippines. To learn more facts about Cebu, Philippines, you can visit


There are a lot of beach resorts in cebu as well. In Cebu, as in most tropical places, the two basic seasons are a wet season and a dry season. What this means is that, whenever you are planning a trip to a tropical place like Cebu, it is essential to take these seasonal weather fluctuations into account and plan your visit to Cebu at a time that is seasonally appropriate for your activities. On the island of Cebu, and neighboring islands, there are perfect white sand beaches and crystal clear tropical waters perfect for swimming, fishing and even scuba diving.


If you would like more information about the island of Cebu, in the Philippines, the first thing you should do is visit the website of a company that offers advice to travelers about finding the best accommodations and attractions in places like Cebu. To get started all you have to do is perform a search on your preferred search engine for information about a Cebu vacation or the best tourist spots available on the Island of Cebu.